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Days of the Panda

days of the panda
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we got our elliptical trainer delivered yesterday. finally.
also booked my ultrasound. it's gonna cost me 75 bucks for the 1/2 hr ultrasound session and half hr pilates session. what a rip.
also made chicken kebabs yesterday - it tasted good if you ask me - just time consuming.
Visited Linda today. She's taken up photography lessons. that's kewl. she took one of me looking off into the distance-- like a professional would do hahha. hope it turns out fabulous! and wow. Linda doesnt eat anything else after dinner. That's amazing. or is that normal - and im some kinda of pyscho? Lets see.. after dinner today, i had milk tea with 5 tina wafers whilst i watched tv. then i shared half a pack of korean instant noodles with my sis whilst we watched an episode of family guy (ep: Jungle Love - Chris is such a cute singer hahaa!). Then i got a saw throat from the preservatives in the instant noodles i say, so i had the half can of coke that was in the fridge which didnt help. Then my sis wanted to eat something savoury so i fried her an egg with rice whilst i had rice with some tomato mince thing which was left over from our dinner (i love it). We then watched another family guy episode as we ate that. This all happened in a four hour period - is that real bad?? i dont think i could ever just not eat anymore after dinner.. or else when do we get to eat all the yummy little snacks and stuff we buy?
woo hoo!! i love public holidays! dont have to go to work tmrw!


Rebel and LeisureWorld are dumb. If they don't call by tomorrow to arrange a delivery time this week im going to get a refund. If they told me it would take more than a week in the first place i probably wouldnt care so much. dummies.

man. what's wrong with my calf muscles.


Had pilates & physio today so had to wake up at 7 - on a saturday!

From pilates i learnt i had weak left glutes and they were trying to get me to strengthen them but the exericises they gave me didnt seem to work the glutes at all so i know im not doing them right. i have yet to arrange an ultrasound session which i should.

roly had a copy of decemberunderground. had some good songs! Many of the songs on this album do sound more upbeat than their last but the lyrics are still kinda dark and and filled with metaphors which i so dont understand - it's a weird but good combination i think! so far i like the prelude, love like winter, miss murder and i think it was the 38mm one - which ever was the one which made me feel like ice skating with one of those pointed helmets on.

i slept through this afternoon 1:00-5:30pm! that's what happens when i have to wake at 7. that's when i had the weird dreams within dreams.


My bott is still sore from yesterday. And my calves are super tight today too- not sure how they are linked with my back. i can feel them tugging with each step i take.

i kinda hung up on a caller today. she annoyed me so. she was complaining that we told her to call peoplesoft to fix her issue where the account keeps deactivating when it was really our issue. i told her the person she spoke to most likely meant to ensure that the peoplesoft status is still active (for their sake really..) and that i'd check and ensure the account has been fixed on our end to ensure it does not deactivate again. She then says to me, dont bother because she was assured by us that it wont happen again. i then tried to get her staff number so i could log the call but she goes 'ive been on the phone so many times ..blah blah.. so no you can not have my staff number..' i then kinda 'accidently' hung up before i said goodbye. i guess it annoyed me that she takes out her annoyance at other people's wrong doing on me and ive had to make up excuses for other staff members mistakes. and the other thing was i did fish out her details and found that the account would have deactivated again if i didnt fix it. I was thinking should i fix it. yeah i did. i guess im like that as well... i dislike all 3 call centre staff although ive only spoken to 6 or 7. they were all useless and dumb and annoys me so badly im practically annoyed before i even call them.. so guess i cant be to annoyed at that caller. But i fished out her details and logged a call for her anyway and emailed her the call details - hopefully that will annoy her - that i found her details even though she wouldnt give it to me. ;)

i had 2 scallops & a boost juice for lunch on the train home. it was such a cold and depressing day. i hate gloomy weather. I listened to 'girls not grey' and got even more depressed and started thinking about everything depressing and got even more depressed. And by the time i got back to cabra it was raining and i didnt have an umbrella and my dad was half an hour away. Other than that i was busting to go to the toilet after the freezing cold boost juice on a cold rainy day and there was a long line waiting for taxis. I went to a public toilet and hate how they squash in the toilet rolls so that it doesnt actually roll and took me a minute just to get out enough toilet paper to line the toilet seat. not happy.


Last day to use the Entertainment book for 2006! We (Ami&Raj, Lee&Nam, &Rich and Roly&I) went to Lowenbrau for dinner. I was full after just eating all the super salty cracklely skin off the pork knuckle. It was pretty nice and had good entertainment. I admire those 3 old men. So old and so flexible - dancing and slappin away. it was a mistake to go up and contribute with the '..and alittle bit or this and a little bit of that..." chicken dance. i was stiff as and thinking 'is my back gonna crack?'. Ren became the saukraut eating competition winner and is has been labelled the saukraut eating machine. He also chucked a maccers cookie at a neat looking blind man. In the end, the one legged homeless guy to our leftover cookies. My back was so busted after tonight. i dont think i dare go out for dinners anymore. i think it was just cause i was sitting for almost 4 hours or 5 including train ride home.

I've got the cold/cough/flu. Just out of the blue, i got real sick. Not happy about this.
Trying to read on the different between cold/flu/cough on the net. It just confused me more. From what i can tell, ive got all 3. Cold
(sore throat, runny & congested nose), Flu (Dry cough), Cough (cos im coughing). But the 2 days that I stayed home from being sickly - my back was great! it wasn't sore at all! Pilates tomorrow. Gosh.. i dont feel like it right now.

AFI has a new album (decemberunderground)  due out in June! Heard the song they released (miss murder) on kroq radio station - it's alright!! I think this will be a pretty good album! It sounds more like a song which... could be liked by the general public.. a song which they'd play on video hits or something even. It's stuck in my head .. even though i dont know what he is singing about.
The radio station got to do an interview with Davey about them finally finishing their new album after a few years and its cool cos the radio guy was reading out emails sent to the station about AFI and he reads out one sent from Australia and Davey goes 'oh Australia. Australia's wonderful. To all those in Australia - if your'e listening, we'll try get there soon". Sounds like he really likes Australia! I hope they come next year some time - hopefully my back will be alot better by then and good enough to go see them! that'd be the coolest man. Davey has a heaps good voice too. And did i mention he was funny? he is. The chants in the background of Miss Murder were sung by people from their fan club and he was going their fans like to sing along to their songs and this would be good practice for them.

im still looking for a copy of the head like a hole song they did a cover of.

i've decided i love easter.. 4 days break is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter.

Watched 'Must Love Dogs' again. I've noticed that i only liked the parts of the movie where John Cusack got a part. He should have got a bigger role in the movie and cut out all the boring bits about her other dates and her dad's life. After watching the movie a second time, ive decided that every scene including John Cusack is a funny scene or a good scene. I reckon the movie would have been a hit romantice comedy if they focused the movie on Diane and John as opposed to including all these boring extras.

'Growing on me' by the Darkness. I love it when he sings 'your'e really growing on me'. There's this burst of emotion built up from the painful yet futile attempt to resist falling in love with whoever it is he's singing about.

Watched 'Must Love Dogs' today. It was good. There were some boring bits but there were some pretty funny bits too.  John Cusack is great.

Quarter of my life gone with no memories worth telling. My life will go by and I'll be able to summarise it in about 5 points.

Lifes too short. I guess im at that stage where i want to do alot with myself and I cant. Or maybe it's cos of my back that i realised there is still so much i want to do with my time.

I want to have a picnic with sheep in the background.  I want to sit up in a tall tree with my bear and look ontop of the world. I want to take swimming and tennis lessons . I want to open a shop where loyal customers always come back for more. I want to havea backyard of chooks. I want to give them good food and hear them gurgle with joy. i want a dog to teach new tricks and keep me company whilst i read a good book out under the warm sun's rays. I want elegant and gorgeous fish to admire after dinner. I want to play the guitar. i want to be able to lie down and turn on my music full blast and enjoy the cool breeze that will flow through the window. I want to be able to be depressed sometimes.

Hand rails in trains. It's gross really. I see people with sleeveless tops hugging onto the poles on hot days - imagine all the sweat and bacteria from their armpits rubbing into the poles. People with bandaids on their fingers as they grip the poles. who knows what people have touched before touching the poles. and yet i still hold onto the poles.. well.. i have to hold onto something..

My female panchax seems to have taken interest in my little pandas. Yesterday she was chasing them around - pecking them. This morning it was like she was stalking them. She lingers around the plants they sleep under. She sticks her head into the plants and watches them. I hope she likes them in the good motherly way! in the meantime, she appears to have forgetten about Romeo! They use to spend their time together - until the panda's came!
On the train to work this morning, there was a baby in a pram and he was playing with the leg hairs of the man sitting next to him. The baby was just tugging at his thick curly leg hairs and the man gave him a smile =) I'm amazed at those babies who drink lying down. I dont know how they do it without choking or spilling the contents.

Fairwell to last reigning barb. He was the only one who could outsmart my killer yabby - but not anymore. Nov 05-Mar 06. However, welcome to my tiny panda corys. They are so adorable! running around togther and sleeping together side by side underneath the plants. They are like 2 little kids, best of friends - playing together at the park.

welcome to my 2 golden wonder killifish/panchax. My sis calls them romeo and juliet because at the fish store they only had eyes for each other :)

Happy Birthday Bear! I remembered this year round ;) 

There are was funny story in Column 8 (smh) today:
This month's silliest contribution follows, so brace yourselves. David Lance, of Rocky Point, informs us that "there is a tradesman in Wyong by the name of Terry Chittey, and I was wondering - if the President of Indonesia had met with Mr and Mrs Chittey on his recent visit, would this have been a Chittey Chittey Bambang moment?"


Roly isn’t too sure whether me putting my dreams up here is a good idea… hmm... should I? I guess he is just scared that people will think I’m psycho… but most of my friends know that already



Phong wrote! Just found out that she likes weezer too! And has an autographed copy of their green album! How cool is that! Everytime I say ‘how cool is that!’ it always reminds me of the El Scorcho song. Phong found this site which is pretty cool! Lyrics and peoples interpretations on them.



Jude’s version of ‘Everything I Own’. Seen on Smallville S01 E01. It’s such a nice song.



I’ve got to watch Sorority Boys.. looks like a typically dumb movie but hey! I just found out ‘Lex Luther’ from Smallville plays one of those Boys – how hilarious is that!.. I gotta watch it now. And why does Clark Kent have such nice facial expressions.. sigh. In S03E12 he says to Lana “…I can tell by the way you look at me that I’m losing you” and he looked so sad. Such a sad episode too.. BOO!!



On the way to my physio at Kirrawee there are all these signs on the side of the road warning about rubbish dumping. On the sign there is a pic of a gorgeous Koala dressed up as a ranger. I call her Ranger Stacey bear. Rikki would love her. I gotta get a picture of her!


I found this site ( where people can buy cute little koalas dresses as pilots – goggles and all. And the purpose of it all is that you take him with you on your trips and take pictures with him. Later you can upload them on this site and check out where other Koala pilots have been too. There are some pretty cute pictures in there. People have taken their Koala’s to Vietnam, Greece, Great Wall of China etc! All for a good cause too! It supports the Australian Koala Foundation =)  That’s a pretty smart idea.. not sure how much they’ve actually  made from it though since there isn’t all that many pictures uploaded on the site. I can’t get one though – otherwise Rikki bear will get jealous.



Where to start? I lost my old site so this is my new one.

My goal for this year: fix up my back. Time permitting:

  • learn to play a few songs 
  • learn to swim
  • make use of the sketch book and pastels my sis gave me!She got them from a department store in Singapore call the "Mustafa Centre". How cool is that!

A man boards the train at Fairfield. He just had a shower. He had a newspaper and his reading glasses on. He read his paper and minded his own business. Could that really be Mike? Bursting thighs and tattoo covered body. Yeah that's him. I wonder if is still interested in my mp3 player.

i saw a man sitting in the opposite direction to me on the train. It was als in the opposite direction the train was heading. it was also in the opposite direction which most passengers were seated. not many enjoy sitting in the opposite direction. Naturally, without any forces controlling other than pure interst; othe passengers are more likely to stare at a face than the back of a head, myself included.
The man was middle eastern in appearance. Lets call him Ransom for the sake of giving him a name. ransom was in his 30's, healthy witha neat thick lot of hair on his head. He had a full but neatly trimmed goatie. a gold chain hung around his neck and a simple gold band on his wedding finger.
what keep my interest in watching him was his indifference to those surrounding him. his gaze was fixed upon something behind me on the platform to enter/exit the train. As seats became vacant, Ransom did not move to a seatless observable; instead he chose to sit there and continue to gaze into the not so far distance.
More seats continued to become vacant. Finally a 3 seater became available which he then occupied. A lady came downand sat snuggly next to him. He looked at her so instensely i could feel his enjoyment. Her hair was up in a hive which she let down. He watched with a sparkle in his eye as her hair fell down loosely - almost in slow motion. As she spoke he smiled and gave his full attention. his torso, always angled slightly towards her. He cherished everything about her and appreciated what was before him.
A little while later, a comment was made by her and soon there was annoyance in their tone. He turned around and looked out the window. She crossed her legs and looked the other way.

Going home. Campbelltown via Granville. Ive been told, sit close to the guard light and on the top because any trouble usually occurs at the bottom. So i sat at the top. As the minutes closed in on peak hour, the seats started to fill. At Central station, a man sat next to me on the 3 seater. I scanned the train, all 'confortable' seats had filled up - mine was the most preferable one left i agree. Do i look so agressive that i am the last choice? The man, lets call him Mike, was fairly built -- or overweight -- im unsure, sweaty, sticky and stoned. For some reason i wasnt looking forward to my long trip - which only just started - home.
"Can i have a look at that?" Mike points to my m3 player. I hand it over.
"Is it one of those new mobile phones?"
"No, it's an mp3 player"
"How much do you think my mobile is worth these days?" Mike flashes his phone in my face.
"I dont know my mobile phones too well sorry"
"It's fairly new - look it has a camera" Mike points to the camera.
"Yeah..." I look out the window hoping he'd get the hint that i dont want to speak to him.
He rings Doreen on his mobile. "Hey Doreen! i just made so many overseas calls on this mobile! blah blah blah..."

"Excuse me, so you know how to lock this phone? It's new and i dont know how". I locked it for him. It wasnt new. It looked stolen. I'll crank up the music. I'm not rude if i dont answer a question i cannot hear right?
Too late.
"Can i listen to your music too?" he asks. The pair sitting infront of me stopped talking as if waiting for my reply.
"I'd prefer not to" was my reply after a long pause.

"You know i went to uni too. I studied medicine."  he says. Oh right, that changes everything. I'd love to share my music now!
"You know, me and my mates tested medicine on ourselves. You know morphine? My mate took morphine each day for 6 weeks  and he was ok. We proved it's ok to take morphine." he continued.
"Wow. He's strong." Was the best reply i could think of. I tried to sound as sincere as possible. (But im sorry i still dont want to share my ear piece with a sweaty, sticky and stoned stranger -- even if he did study morphine at uni. If you were Mr Darcy I'd reconsider. His shiny thighs coated in sweat clung tight to his shorts which in turn pressed disgustingly against mine every now and then. Definately not Mr Darcy material. I want to get a proper copy of BBC's Pride and Prejudice on dvd.
"You know I've got his card where you dont have to put in a pin and you can still take money out"
"Yes. It's a credit card"
"But Ive got this other card which doesnt work unless you put in a pin"
"yes.  it's a keycard"
"Do you know how much you can take out a day?"
"It depends on your credit card". Why was i even answering his questions.
Finally, Fairfield next stop.
"Do you want to sell me your mp3 player? "
The  pair infront paused their conversation again as if waiting to see what my response would be.
"No thanks."
"Why not? I'll give you 200 bucks for it."
"It was a present. And you can buy better ones these days for less". My answer was sufficient. And so it should be.
He got up to leave; his seat clinging onto him. He pulled away, leaving a trail of sweat behind.
The sweat would eventually soak into the pores of the synthetic seats. The next person who sits there, with their skin exposed, would the sweat get absorbed into their skin's pores again? The sweat could still be moist under the layers of synthetic material. The sponge beneath would be storing this sweat - using it to feed the bacteria within. Eeiw.